Wake-Up Call For Your AM Skincare Routine

Sometimes routines feel like ruts, but when it comes to healthy skincare, routine is key! Nail the products you love and it'll feel less like a chore. I'm always open to trying something new, but also a creature of habit, so when I find something that works for me, I stick with it! I'll share with you some of the things from my morning routine that I love, and maybe they'll work for you too!

Dry Brush much?

Soft skin for the win, so let me help you achieve a silkier state of smoothness by sharing with you a little beauty secret of mine. If you've never heard of dry brushing, then you're in for a treat, because there are more benefits than just silky smooth skin (but that is a great one!). For example, increased blood flow, which is why I've made it part of my morning routine, as increased blood flow gives you more energy! Another great reason to dry brush before hopping in the shower, is because it's a great exfoliator and helps remove dead skin, oils, and dirt. Rumor has it, it also helps with cellulite, but I'm not so sure about that.

TIPS: Don't use a dry body brush on your face, as it is too abrasive for your face's delicate skin. When dry brushing, always brush in long strokes along the body towards your heart. I always start with my arms, but you can choose to start with your feet. When looking for a dry brush, be sure to find one with firm, natural bristles and a handle, as this makes it easier to reach places like your upper back. Find the dry brush I have Here. (Mine was only about $6)

Fresh Face Forward

Keeping your face clear is no easy task. I constantly catch myself (like just now) with my head in my hands or running them over my face when I'm tired. The better you are at breaking these bad habits the better your skin will look, as your hands have dirt and oils that only serve to clog your pores. But since we're only human, I've found a frothy face wash from Origins called Checks and Balances that I swear by. I recommend it to pretty much everyone I know, including my husband who is VERY picky about what he uses on his face for fear that it will cause him to break-out. In my experience, it works great on dry, oily and combination skin, but everyone is different so test it out on YOU before cashing in your paycheck for Origins products (like I do). P.S. this face wash is $22 and also available in a travel size, which I obviously recommend for $12.

Washing my face with Checks and Balances isn't the only part of my morning skincare routine. I then follow this up with Origins United State Balancing Tonic for only $22 (TIP: get their pump for only $4 to save you wasting product by pouring it each time you use it). Wipe away any residual flakes, pore-clogging debris and make-up that may have been missed in the washing process. This also reinstates skin's proper pH. You'll be surprised just how much was left on your face after using this toner. I recommend using cotton rounds for this step in the process which you can find at any drug store.

Next, I use Original Skin Renewal Serum for my #quarterlifecrisis as Origins likes to call it. This helps keep my skin feeling soft, bright and flawless. I use this sparingly because it's not cheap at $40 for a 1oz bottle

I recently received a full size bottle of their Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Eye Cream as a promotion with my order and their trick worked, I love it! I'm not sure that I see the anti-aging results, hopefully because I don't need them yet...right?! BUT it does make my eyes amazingly smooth. If you're budget conscious and adding up my face routine total, this is the product I'd ditch from the list, as I think you could live without it. If you're still interested, it's $46 for a .5oz bottle.

Last but not least, a moisturizer. If you already have a brand you love, that's great, but please please please make sure that it has an SPF in it. Thats why I love Origins A Perfect World SPF25 which I think is around $45. Annoyingly, I'm not seeing it on their site right now but they do have another line called Mega-Bright by Dr. Andrew Weil with SPF30

If my routine is too intense for you and you want to know what you can leave out, just make sure you're using a great cleanser (like Checks and Balances) and a great face moisturizer with an SPF (like A Perfect World or Mega-Bright).

TIP: Don't forget to moisturize your neck!!!

Go Coco-NUTs!

The whole world is coconut oil crazy, but with good reason. Bring the coconut oil into the bathroom because it's better off here. Not only is it an excellent and natural moisturizer for the skin, but you can give "oil-pulling" a shot as well. Let's start with your skin. If it's anything like mine in the winter, it's DRY and flakey. Before you jump in the shower, slather it ALL over your body to seal in the moisture and protect your skin from the harsh shower water (TIP: you can also use it as a lotion post-shower!). While you're in the shower, feel free to apply a little to the ends of your hair if it's been feeling the dullness of winter as well. This will help deep condition your ends to bring them back to shiny, plus it makes your hair really soft!

Once your out of the shower, keep the coconut oil close because it also makes a great face cleanser as it kills bacteria, locks in moisture and gives the skin a nice "glowing" appearance. Speaking of anti bacterial, have you tried oil-pulling? Use a teaspoon to place the oil in your mouth. Proceed by "swooshing" the oil around your mouth for about 10 minutes (don't have that kind of time, try doing it while you're in the shower) Why are you swooshing oil around your mouth til your jaw hurts? Supposedly, it has great detox qualities as well as a natural teeth whitener. If it's too much for you, skip this and just use it as a make-up remover instead. There are literally an endless number of uses for coconut oil.

TIP: Be sure to buy organic virgin coconut oil and store it at a room temperature to keep it nice and liquidly. If it goes hard, not to worry, just warm it up in your hands or in the microwave quickly. Pick up this one from Trader Joe's here

Ban Bad Breath

I swear by tongue scrapers, even though I guess they are a little weird but trust me, it'll be addictive and you'll find yourself not feeling like your mouth is clean unless you've used one. Just after brushing your teeth (which I hope you do multiple times a day) use your tongue scraper to remove any odor causing bacteria and leave your mouth and dentist feeling happy! I get mine here.

Have any morning routine favs you'd like to share? Let me know!

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