Planning A Classy Bachelorette Party

If you're the age I think you are, chances are all of your friends (and maybe even you) are getting engaged! You may have even had the honor of being asked to be IN the wedding. If this is your first time around the wedding wheel, then you have lots to learn! Allow me to share with you some ingredients to the recipe for a successful (and classy) bachelorette party! P.S. All of these ideas can be used in or out-of-town!

Bachelorette's that Brunch

Start this Bachelorette party off right by meeting the babes for brunch. If you're doing this in a major city, there are a million and one places that offer brunch. Look for the ones that do a "boozy brunch" and get everyone in a rose´ state of mind. Plan ahead by calling and making a reservation so that they know you're coming, as lot's of restaurants aren't ready for big groups on a whim and waiting for a table can be a literal 'buzz' kill.

TIP: Be sure to call the restaurant a couple days before to confirm your reservation and save you showing up to the wrong kind of surprise.

Air BnB over Air Bed-n-Bride

DO book an Air BnB, DON'T cram a bunch of ladies into someone's apartment or 1 hotel room, leaving you or the bride on an air bed. If you're keeping it local and someone has enough room to sleep you all comfortably (key word) then great! But if not, then I STRONGLY suggest you book and Air BnB. Why not just a hotel room? Because before you know it, those rooms add up ($$) and chances are you need more than a couple to sleep all of you. Then there is always the possibility of being stuck on different floors and awkward sleeping arrangements like your cousin and your college bestie in the same bed (awkward). Oh, and the person in the room next door knocking because you're being too loud (you don't need that kind of debby downer busting up your fun) Finding a great home or apartment to rent adds a little excitement to the night and means no one is left prepping and picking up once you're gone.

TIPS: When booking, BE HONEST! Read the fine print on each place you're interested in, as some of them have strict rules against parties. Also, be respectful of this persons property and leave it in the same condition you found it in (really, just basic common courtesy, guys)

'Spa'-ntaneous Relaxation

Surprise your Bride post-brunch by sending her to the Spa for a massage or beauty treatment while you and the other ladies head to the Air Bnb to get things set up. She'll love the last minute pampering and meet you back at the Air BnB feeling relaxed and ready to party! Check to see if there is a Bliss Spa in your area! Keep things simple by using apps like Uber to get the Bride to her appointment and back, as the Bride ideally shouldn't be burdened by any of the costs this weekend (after all, she is planning a wedding!)

TIPS: Be sure to have the group download an app like Venmo a few days before the party so that you can pay each other for things like meals, taxis and activities. This saves everyone from the awkward conversation and the passing of cash in front of the bride, which only serves to make her feel guilty.

Blow Away the Bride

Trade your #messyhairdontcare for luscious locks by booking you and the ladies into Dry Bar for the best blow job you've ever had! With a menu full of fun and flirty hairstyles to choose from, there is something for everyone no matter the hair. Even better, it's BYOB so you can start the champaign campaign early. I suggest booking this activity just before dinner reservations so you're ready for a night out as soon as you hit the streets.

TIPS: Dry Bar allows group bookings for 6+ ladies but be sure of your guest list before you commit, as the fine print can get you in a "hairy" situation if someone decides to bail at the last minute. I know I already said this but BYOB- do it!

Game Time!

Games can be tough but if you want to keep it simple, fun and classy, then try these ideas.

"Blind Fate": For the first one, get a tote bag (like this one) and fill it with random objects (but within the bachelorette party theme) so for example, the items in this tote bag can be a pregnancy test, condoms, a cucumber, a hair piece, bouncy ball, lube, whip, hand cuffs, a thong, eye mask (you get the idea). Be sure to give all the ladies a note pad and pen (like this one) and ask them to BLINDLY reach into the bag (one at a time) for about 20 seconds (keeping all their thoughts to themselves). Once each lady has had their fair grab, they then get 1 minute to write down all of the items they THINK were in the bag. Whoever gets the most items right wins a prize. (In our case there was a tie, so one person won the tote and the other won the prize)

TIPS: Not sure what to give as prizes? Try Bliss for things like hand lotions and body scrubs, Anthropologie for accessories and Sephora for nail polish and beauty.

For the next game, buy a random mix of low-price items (This is where bargain stores come in handy!) Wrap up about 7-10 items (more if you have a larger group). Need some ideas of what to go for? Dry shampoo, a glass bottle of juice that could appear as a bottle of wine once wrapped, a poncho, a box of condoms, a ring pop ect. (honestly, just walk down the aisles of a dollar store and aim for things that will really throw off your guests once the stuff is wrapped). Next, write a list of questions about the bride and read them out to your party guests. Whenever someone answers the question correctly, they get to choose one of the mystery gifts (it's best to display them in a pile in front of everyone). Continue down your list of questions. Once all the gifts are gone, ladies may then start "stealing" gifts from other ladies until all of the questions are done. Not sure what kind of questions? Try things like "what day is the wedding? where did the bride and groom meet? what day did they get engaged on? where do they plan to honeymoon? when is the brides birthday?" If you know your bride, and I hope you do, then coming up with these questions should be easy (feel free to spice them up a bit with more personal questions!) Once the game is over, everyone can then unwrap their mystery items where laughter ensues at the realization that all that stealing from someone else was all for something silly and unexpected!

Take a Pole

If you're looking for something fun and sexy but not as far as strange men stripping their faux firemen gear in front of you, then take a pole somewhere like Flirty Girl Fitness (check your area for studios similar if this one isn't in your area). This is a great way to get the group together for something out of your comfort zone (don't worry, these studios are all ladies). You will be AMAZED at how hard this actually is and will leave you with a new found respect for the pole dancing profession. Make sure everyone brings an athletic outfit because you won't be doing this in you underwear!

TIPS: Make a reservation for the exact number in your party and show up with plenty of time before the class to ensure you all get a pole (if not, you may end up having to share).

Be #bachgoals

If it's going to be #bachgoals then it has to look the part! Check out things like these "Squad" tanks for the group, a Sash for the Bride and witty decor for the party!

Hey, Mrs. DJ

If you're a 90s baby, there's just some songs you can't leave off the list. Here are some ideas of songs you may have missed.

Bitch better Have My Money- Rihanna I Love it ( feat. Charli XCX) - Icona Pop

Cheap Thrills- Sia

Angel- Shaggy

Easy Love- Sigala

Wanna Be- Spice Girls

Crazy in Love - Beyonce

Buttons - Pussycat Dolls

I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas

Just Dance- Lady Gaga

Run The World- Beyonce

My Chick Bad- Ludacris

S&M- Rihanna

We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

Worth It- Fifth Harmony

No Scrubs- TLC Partition- Beyonce Wiggle- Jason Derulo Opps!..I Did It Again- Britney Spears

Genie in a Bottle - Christina Aguilera Man Eater- Nelly Furtado

Show Stopper - Danity Kane

Bye Bye Bye - *NSYNC

Ain't No Other Man- Christina Aguilera Waking Up In Vegas- Katy Perry

This list could go on forever! Share your top tunes and any other bachelorette tips in the comments below!

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