City Guide: Cornwall, England

Incase you're not sure where Cornwall is, it's a county on England's Southwestern tip with hundreds of beaches, cliffs, and charming towns where the seafood, cheese, and fudge are all you can dream about. It holds a special place in my heart, as this is where my husband and I got engaged in October 2015. It's been over a year since my last visit so I was very excited to go back and see even more than I did the first time!


Are you getting a feel for the hundreds of beaches yet? If you're wondering if I have a favorite, the answer is "of course!". That would have to be the tiny alcove you see just above you here on Harlyn Beach (yes, the one where I'm trying to jump). This is the very beach that Jordan got down on one knee, so naturally, it holds a special place in my heart. Aside from the sentimental attachment, it's also a great spot because of it's quaint size, privacy and terrain. While it is public, I very rarely see anyone else in this spot which makes it the perfect place for a picnic on the beach and running into the ocean in your underwear (yes, both of those things have happened).

We also visited several other beaches this time that we hadn't been to before. Boobie's beach (yes, boobie's) is a great surfing spot and is much more vast then my little nook in Harlyn. You'll see more dogs than humans and enjoy the crashing waves onto the coast. We also visited Watergate Bay Beach very briefly, as it was VERY windy this day. On a visit with better weather, you can dine at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Cornwall which is beachfront (you won't get a better view than that!) There are also rental shops for surf boards and wet suits, and most importantly, there's ice cream.

We also visited Trevone and got plenty of drone footage (what am I saying, we got drone footage from every beach we went to)

Where we stayed

Luckily for us, my husbands parents recently purchased a cottage in Harlyn just a stones throw from the beach. The best part is that you can stay there too when you book your stay through Air Bnb here. It's the perfect spot for families and groups of friends, as it sleeps 6 and dogs are welcome.

Where to eat

Nothing beats fresh seafood, especially in a country like England and a county like Cornwall. We had lunch at Rashleigh Arms where I tried an asparagus soup for the first time, it did not disappoint. You have to check out Rolly's Fudge Pantry for fresh, made daily fudge in soooo... many declicious flavors. My recommendation? The sea salt. I also enjoyed the lemon merengue and classic clotted creme flavor.

If you're British, you probably know who Rick Stein (a chef) is and as the owner of several restaurants in Padstow, the locals have started calling the area Padstein. You can enjoy everything from fish and chips in the marina at his Fish and Chip Shop, to a pub dining experience at the Cornish Arms, as well as a Cafe experience and last but not least a fine dining experience at The Seafood Restaurant with his highest end menu filled with fresh seafood.

If you're looking to eat something loacal to the Cornwall area, stop into Chough Bakery for some fresh bakey Cornish Pasty's (kind of like a meat pot-pie but without the gravy inside) Also, pick up some scones for some DIY cornish cream tea (1 pt scone, 1 part clotted cream, 1 part strawberry jam)


With each little town you go to has it's own set of shops, some local to the area, and some better known brands. I popped into an antique shop, an Artist shop where you can buy tons of cornwall themed art at Whistle Fish. Sadly I was so absorbed in the moment (and also the rain) that I forgot to take photos of the shops. What I CAN show you is my super cute new rain jacket from Joules that I bought because I felt it was pertinent to my ability to stay dry for the rest of the trip (go figure the next day was full sunshine!)

Find a rain jacket similar to this one here (bonus, it's on sale!)

Oh, and here is me on a big rock. I was feeling pretty fearless considering how strong the wind was.

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