Eton Mess: A How-To For A Very British Dessert

Let me start by explaining the name of this recipe. Eton is a private college in Berkshire, England. And by private, I mean Prince William and Prince Harry attended...Rumor has it the dessert started at Eton College in 1893 when it was served at the annual cricket match (so British). The dessert (which has only 3 ingredients!) is something of a summer-time treat but since I'm new to the whole British cuisine,and I like dessert, I see nothing wrong with having it any time of year. Oh, and it's about the easiest thing you can ever make and just in time for Valentine's Day!


Serves about 4

Strawberries (1 pack, washed and dried)

Double Cream (About 12 oz serves 4, use more if you want to make a larger quantity) Meringues (About 4-6. I bought ready-made ones from the store but if you're up to it, here is a recipe to make your own)

TIPS: You really can't mess this recipe up, and don't worry about being too precise with the ingredients, you can always add more strawberries and meringues to your liking! You can add ANY seasonal fruit you'd like, so don't limit yourself to just strawberries (I recommend raspberries and blueberries as well). If you want to make a more "adult" version, try adding a sweet and fruity liquor.


1: Slice your strawberries in half (make sure you've also removed the leafy tops). Place in a bowl to the side (if trying the adult version, soak your strawberries in your liquor while they sit)

2: In a mixing bowl, use a hand-held mixer to whip the double cream until it forms soft peaks (heads up, this kind of takes longer than you'd expect, so don't get discouraged if you think it's not doing anything, it is, and all at once it'll be done, just like that!)

3: Using a rubber spatula, fold in your berries.

4: Crush your meringues and fold into your cream and berries.*

5: Spoon your Eton Mess into individual bowls or leave in a large bowl for a "serve-yourself" style. Also tastes great with a side of vanilla ice cream.

TIPS: *If you don't plan on eating this dessert right away (like if you plan on taking it to a party) I recommend placing your crushed meringues in a ziplock bag and folding them in just before devouring, otherwise the meringues tend to get soggy.


Incase you're wondering where the "mess" came from in the name, it's said to be because it really just looks like a mess! Feel free to garnish with strawberries on top for a more refined look.

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