Travel Guide: Nice, France

Let me start by saying, France is always a good idea. I love the French for their overwhelming appreciation for aesthetics, not just in fashion, but in their architecture and general lifestyle. Literally everything is beautiful. My first French experience was New Years 2015 in Paris, which I will save for another post another time, but it was great to see that those same beautiful qualities so famously seen in Paris, are also very much apart of the culture throughout the country.

My husband and I visited Nice for 5 days for what when called our "mini moon" (why did we call it a mini moon? Because we booked it literally the week of our wedding with very little thought and because France is only a 2 hour flight from our home in England. We plan to take a longer, more thought out honeymoon sometime soon). During these 5 days we visited a few different parts of the South of France including Nice, Cap De Ferrat and Monaco.


We took a relatively short cab ride from Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport, to our hotel which was located on the main strip in Nice. This was a great location because getting around is fairly easy. You can get around by walking or taking the tram which is inexpensive, easy and runs frequently. You can take this tram all the way to the beach or to various spots along the strip with places to shop. You should know, the beaches in the South of France are rock beaches so you should plan to have a beach chair or something that will make laying out more comfortable. We ended up buying inflatable floating beds which we used for laying out as well as floating in the ocean. Downside to these, plastic+sun=sweaty sticky bodies and also the lack of desire to deflate and re-inflate each time you go to the beach.

Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat

Two words. Rothschild Villa. Don't even think about visiting the South of France without making sure you visit the Rothschild Villa. It will well and truly Blow.Your.Mind. First things first, it's 13 Euros to visit (per person) which can maybe turn you off but don't let it. What makes it so great? Not only is it a stunning home located on a mountain top, but it has the most stunning view, unimaginable gardens that seem endless, a water fountain timed to symphony music, the ability to see how the Rothschild's lived, and last but not least, a cafe where you can enjoy lunch. When you're done exploring the Rothschild Villa, head across the street towards the beach for a day of water, sun and sand. Good news, there is a bus that drops you off directly at the end of the drive up to the Villa.


Maybe you know Monaco for it's famous Grand Prix Formula 1 race. Or maybe you're like me... and you don't know a single thing about such race. My husband was excited to see some of the famous turns... I was pretty excited to find the beach. I will say, as a whole, the area underwhelmed both of us and wasn't our favorite beaches. We had a tough time finding food and wondered what seemed like a fairly deserted area while growing increasingly hangry. Travel tip...pack snacks.

I hope I've inspired you to visit the South of France and would love to hear your experiences and recommendations of the area in the comments below! Where are you dying to travel?! Pin this post to save it for later or share it with your travel loving friends!

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