Travel Guide: Bermuda

I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Bermuda for a close friend's wedding. If you're not 100% sure where Bermuda is, its about 655 miles south-east of North Carolina and only a 1.5 hour flight from NYC (what?!). I wasn't quite sure what to expect since this is my first true island vacay. There were hoops to jump through regarding passports and last minute flight plans, but in the end SO WORTH IT. Bermuda is a GREAT destination for a wedding, honeymoon, babymoon (no Zika!), big birthday trip or just an amazing vacation if you're looking to relax on some gorgeous beaches!

Where we stayed: Fairmont South Hampton & Air BnB

We planned this trip SO last minute because of some passport issues on my end (bi-country life problems) so my husband took care of booking the hotel and I'm SO glad he did! We LOVED the Fairmont hotel. It was beautiful, HUGE, had amazing on site restaurants, a gorgeous view from our room balcony, golf, a great outdoor pool and a shuttle to take you to their private beach with full service. To be honest, if you didn't want to leave the hotel, you wouldn't have to! I'm sure there were other things like a gym etc but I don't go on vacation to use the hotel gym so I can't really speak to that.

After we checked out of the Fairmont we stayed one night in an Air BnB (I think just for money saving reasons because the next day at the hotel the cost of our room went up) We LOVEd our quaint little air bnb which was really a detached carriage home to the main house which people currently live in (and were SO sweet, she even gave us a ride into town). Best part was they had an outdoor pool right on the edge of the beach and access to a private beach. SCORE!

Things to see: Crystal Cave, Downtown Strip

Obviously we were there for a wedding so wedding activities were our main focus but in-between these events we managed to see the Crystal Caves (very cool) and take a stroll down the strip as well as getting some dinner. The hotels and houses along the string are beautifully colorful which makes for great photos!

Beaches to visit: Horseshoe Beach, Elbow beach, Fairmont South Hampton private beach (I'm sure there are more, these are just the ones we had time to visit)

Have you heard of the pink beaches? They exist! The wedding we attended was on Elbow beach but we also managed to make it to Horseshoe Beach as it was within walking distance from our hotel's private beach! One thing they warn you about is the Man-of-War which are jellyfish like sea creatures which can pose some danger. They are both in the water and washed up on the shore so watch where you're walking!

THINGS TO KNOW: Currency: Bermudian Dollar (however the U.S. dollar is also widely accepted at hotels, restaurants and shops)

Taxi's: Cash only, and beware, everything runs on island time so if you have somewhere to be at a certain time, plan accordingly.

Bus's: Easy, cheap and timely!

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