Planning a Gender Neutral Baby Shower

I think that at this point, the news is out, WE'RE PREGNANT! If you're planning on throwing a gender neutral baby shower, it's probably because you've decided to wait to find out the sex of your baby 'til due day. I however, do not have that kind of patience, so when it came time to throw a baby shower in the US with my friends and family, we were only 17 weeks along, and not sure that we'd know the sex of our baby before hand and therefore decided to throw a gender neutral baby shower.

Inspiration: Like most things in my inspiration came from hours of hard work scouring Pinterest (Honestly, my level of dedication is a full time job where I'm not being paid). I recommend if you are using Pinterest to gather inspiration and you either don't want anyone to know you're pregnant yet OR you just want to keep all your ideas top secret, that you do just that, be sure to make your baby shower board is set to SECRET. If mom, bestie or aunties are helping with the shower, be sure to invite them to contribute to your board so you're all on the same page. I wanted to go with a theme that felt boho, modern, and neutral as I'm not really one for pastels or farm animals. With that in mind, I went for a color pallet of white, grey, and forest green with hints of wood and glimpses of gold. *See below for some of my Pinterest inspiration for everything from the cake, to the donut wall. Oh, and go follow me on pinterest.

Follow my baby shower board HERE. and for more baby goodness follow my "baby nuggets" board HERE

*The following are NOT my photos and were pulled from Pinterest as inspiration for my baby shower.

Invitations: Raise your hand if you've heard of Minted. Keep your hand raised if you've already used Minted and love it. Now look at your hand. Is it at your side? Then you're missing out but it's ok...because I'm here to help you. What is Minted you ask? Well, they pay someone to explain that, so go read what they have to say here. But if you just want the skinny, basically it's a great resource for artist driven work for things like invites, cards, save the dates, art and more. Their printing quality is amazing, they offer affordable foil printing (win), customization, pre-addressed envelopes and more. They just make everything beautiful and easy. As a designer myself, I always turn to Minted to eliminate the stress of designing for myself and because I know that they have amazing choices and great quality. Also, they have a great refer a friend program and often run promo codes so you can score a discount on whatever it is you're looking for. See below for my beautiful baby shower invites from Minted.

Savor your Favor:

This is always really hard for me, because I try to think what people may actually want to take home with them as a momento from our special day. I knew I didn't want to thank our guests with something that they would immediately, and guilt-fully throw in the trash. Instead of a mini bag of Jordan Almonds, I went for a more bespoke favor that consisted of berry baskets filled with mini honey jars, a homemade Honey-Apple Scone and a recipe card for the scones, designed by none other than myself. Not only did they taste great, but they also looked great. Download a blank version of my recipe card for your own delicious recipes or get my recipe for Honey-Apple Scones, because sharing is caring. Berry Baskets (Here) Mini Honey (Here).

Details & Donuts: It's ALWAYS in the details. For me, this was my chance for a donut wall...and I took it and never looked back! I capitalized on my dad's handy skills and lack of knowledge of what a donut wall actually was before he committed to DIYing such a thing for me. Actual text from my dad "Can you send me a picture of a donut wall? I cannot relate" LOL. Aren't baby boomers so cute. Anyway, donuts weren't the only detail. In my spiraling bout of insanity, I also decided hand crafting 30 flower crowns for all our guests would be a "fun" and cute idea. Needless to say, my 6 worker bees (best friends, aunt and husband) were none too thrilled but always aim to please and it WAS really fun for everyone to have a flower crown on the day. My advice if you love the idea of flower crowns, keep them simple. Also they could be used as a fun and crafty activity for your guests to assemble as part of the shower (just keep in mind all of the duplicates in supplies you'll need to do this).

Other great details include custom signage, centerpieces, cake toppers, and theme. Order things like your cake topper and "mommy-to-be" and "daddy-to-be" chair signs from etsy, DIY your centerpieces and keep everything within your theme! We went to a flower wholesaler to purchase flowers and greenery for our shower but if you don't have access to such a thing, check places like Sam's Club which allow you to purchase bulk flowers on their website! If all else fails, gather flowers from anywhere local that sells them. For a boho look, don't over think the arrangements, keep them simple by filling them with greenery and wildflowers! By the way...all of our mis-matched vases for arrangements were purchased from Goodwill... no one ever said chic had to be expensive. Oh, and the picnic baskets for display, also from Goodwill (win!)

Food & Drinks: This is another thing to keep simple. If you have the ability and means to have your shower catered, it would be wise to consider it, as it will eliminate the extra stress and hassle. If you want to DIY the food, try some of these amazing recipes for the adorable finger sandwiches we had at our shower (somewhat of a picnic theme on food). Don't forget a meat and cheese board! Everyone loves cheese, if they don't, why are you friends with them? As for drinks, try these classics with a subtle twist, like Lavender Ice Tea, Honey Sparkling Lemonade and fruit infused water. My amazing aunt made my "baby" cake topper, but if you aren't a DIY'er... get one similar (HERE). Check out the super amazing, marble and gold leaf sugar cookies my best friend made. Isn't she amazing? Cookie letter stamp (HERE).

Games: Baby shower games are something I kind of dread. Actually, shower games in general. Most of the time because they've either all been done before, or lets be honest, a little cringe. With that being said, we played 3 games at our shower and tried to cater to our guests so that there was something fun for everyone.

Game 1: Since my husband is British, we thought it fitting to have an American vs. Britain baby slang match up.

What you'll need: Print out of sayings per guest and pencils.

Download my print out (HERE)

Game 2: Try a baby memory game that ends with a pile of goodies for you. Pass around a tray of common baby items (about 15), allowing all of your guests equal amount of viewing time. Once everyone has had a chance to review the items on the tray, ask them to write down as many as they can remember. The guest with the most items, and best memory, wins the prize! If you need a tie breaker, look for answers with the most detail. For example, "blue brush" rather than just "brush".

What you'll need: A Tray, 15-20 small baby items, Paper and Pencil for each guest.

Game 3: This one is bound to put a little bounce in baby and your guests. Assemble a playlist using Spotify with at least 10 songs that all include the word "baby" in the title. Your guests should get about 30 seconds to listen to each song before writing down the name of the song and artist (1 point for each).

What you'll need: Paper and pencil per guest, bluetooth speaker, Spotify playlist (or CD, or iTunes or whatever you use). Don't forget to make sure all playlists are downloaded prior to the day to avoid any wifi issues you may have and don't forget to have a full battery!

Download my print out (HERE)

Check out my Spotify Playlist Here.

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