My Favorite Baby far

With just 14 weeks left... there are lots of things we have, and lots of things we don't have. Thankfully, all my mom friends really came through for me when it came time to finding out what we actually NEED. Now as we all know, some of the best baby stuff isn't actually a need but more of an "OMG this is the most adorable thing I've ever seen" as I add it to my cart and hope that my husband doesn't notice. With that being said, these are my favorite baby far.

Cuddle and Kind - Sebastian

These fair-trade, ethically produced, hand-knit in Peru dolls are not only so freaking cute, but they also help children! For each doll purchased, Cuddle and Kind provide 10 meals to children in need. We received Sebastian (the Lamb Prince) at our baby shower and can't wait for our son to be as obsessed with him as we are! The quality and detail are just amazing! Check out their site to see what other adorable dolls they carry.

Where to buy:

Cuddle and Kind

Lamb Mobile - Pottery Barn Kids

A mobile is one of those things I hadn't really thought of yet. Did I even want one? I didn't know! But then when my best friend's mom gifted us the most beautiful lamb mobile from Pottery Barn Kids, I knew that the answer was YES and I was so relived someone else found the perfect one FOR ME.

Where to buy:

Pottery Barn Kids

9 Months - The Beginning of You journal by Write To Me

I go back and fourth with whats too much, and what will I regret not doing. For example, those weekly "bump" pictures everyone seems to be so timely about taking and sharing...I seem to forget and let 4 weeks slip by between each one. Will I regret that later? I don't know. But I knew from the very beginning, since this is my first go around the pregnancy block, that I would want to at least jot down some of the journey. As I write, I'm not sure if I'm writing for myself or my future son, but either way, I am excited to have found this journal and love writing in it! By the way, this is an Australian company. Luckily, after reaching out to them on Instagram asking if they had any UK stockers, they got back to me with somewhere I could order from more locally to save on shipping. I suggest doing the same, it never hurts to ask!

Where to buy:

Write to Me

Meminio (where I ordered in the UK)

OVO City High Chair

Thanks to Pinterest, I have successfully found a high chair that actually matches my house. I love mid-century modern looking furniture so upon stumbling on the OVO City High Chair, it was kind of a no-brainer that my mother-n-law so graciously purchased for us. Not only am I obsessed with it's overall look, but it's also very versatile. For example, you can change the color of the legs and lining for your next baby, as well as convert into a toddlers chair by removing the tray and bottom half of the legs once a high chair is no longer needed! Bring on the mushy peas!

Where to buy:

Pram Centre



I have the Doc a Tot Deluxe, this is the size for 0-8 months and is basically a docking station for your adorable little nugget, making things like multi-tasking (and sleeping) a little easier. It's a safe and comfy spot that lets baby rest, lounge, play, cuddle, do tummy time and get diaper changes as well as being portable. Ideally, this will be used as we lounge together on the couch or floor but I'm also excited about the idea of using the Doc A Tot carrying tote for when we travel (whether that be to Nanna's in the UK, Grandma's in the US, or on 'round the world travel). They also make really fun patterned covers, however I haven't yet invested in any of those.

Where to buy in the United States:

Doc a Tot


Where to buy in the UK: (not sure why, but in the UK it goes by the name of Sleepyhead, but is the same thing)

John Lewis


Tummy Time Leaf - Mamas and Papas

I know I know, you don't NEED anything other than a blanket and some toys for tummy time. But how could I say no to this tummy time leaf by Mamas and Papas?! It's SO cute and I die for the little rattle stars and I think by now we know I can pretty much be suckered into anything with the word "hello" on it.

Where to buy:

Mamas and Papas

Have any other baby buys you think I may be obsessed with? Share them with us in the comments and share the post for your fellow mommy-to-be's!


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