Best Post-Christmas Buys

Beginning December 26th we switch gears from gift giving to Christmas clearance extravaganza, better known as boxing day in some countries. The days preceding Christmas can feel like a shopping hangover (or even just an actual hangover) but this is your prime time to do some savvy shopping. I know, I know, more shopping?! I promise you'll thank me next Christmas. These are my go-to post-Christmas buys that will save you time and money next year!

Christmas Cards:

Typically, one thing that's always left on the shelf in the days after Christmas are the cards. They may not seem like the most exciting thing to snag in the moment, but I promise, picking up 3-4 boxes for next year saves you time AND money, not to mention you'll be ahead of the game mailing yours out! I picked up 3 boxes from Target last year that were originally $7 and paid only $2.50! What a steal! This also mean't I had all of my cards written and ready for mailing in November...except I didn't have any stamps... mental note on the stamps. P.S. Just make sure not to pick up any with the year on them!

Gift Tags, Ribbon and Wrapping Paper:

You'll have to carve a little space out under the bed or in the back of your closet but it's worth it to stock up on gift tags, ribbon, and wrapping paper. You wont regret it! Again, this saves you time and money but also means come December 1st next year, you're ready to go with getting all those gifts wrapped and under the tree! (Don't pass up any deals on tape either!) This is when I like to buy the fancier ribbons and things like bells that are normally a little over priced pre-Christmas but post-Christmas they're well within budget!


Every single year, without fail, one of those strings of lights blows a bulb and you stash it away to be next years problem. Then next year comes and you're left with the frustrating realization that half your lights don't work. Save yourself the hassle and pick up a couple of extra sets of lights once they go on sale. This is also a great time to get any additional lights you want to add to your overall look, maybe for your windows, or a tree out front? Honestly, you can never have too many lights. The more the merrier, Tis the season...and all the other Christmas sayings...they all apply here.


I don't know about you guys, but I LIVE for the pine tree, cinnamon stick, and "vanilla crack... kinda smells like vanilla but also frosting but not too much frosting, just the right amount of amazing frosting" Christmas scented candles. Whenever these hit the shelves I get a rush emotions. Exhilarated with excitement, anxiety because there are other people in the aisle and panic because I have every intention of purchasing and I can't have anyone else near me while I do it. Wow, OK. Anyway, on the off chance that you've been to a store I haven't yet cleared out, STOCK UP because come next year when these heavenly babies hit the shelf at full price, you'll be ecstatic that you paid 1/2 that and can start burning them the day after halloween...or whenever you deem is appropriate. (Why do we have to wait for Thanksgiving? Who made that rule? I'm not thankful for that person).

What are other things I haven't covered here that you can't miss post-Christmas? I'm sure there's more. TELL ME! And good luck :)

P.S. My favorite place to do my post shopping is Target and TJ Maxx/Home Goods. What are yours?

Buy what's pictured above:

Scissors HERE // Cards HERE // Bells HERE // Tray HERE // Candle HERE // Star Ribbon HERE (UK ONLY)


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