5 Ways To Keep Your Flowers Fresher Longer

I love having flowers in the house. Well, really any plants and greenery. But just because I love them, doesn't always mean they love me back. I've tossed even the "easiest" house plants in the trash and was convinced my house was toxic (because obviously it was my house, not me). Thankfully, when it comes to fresh flowers in the house, I seem to have found the perfect formula for getting the most out of your blooms!

1. Trim your stems on an angle

When perfecting the right length for your flower vase, remember to cut your stems on an angle. Ideally, this should be done with garden sheers but let's be honest, I just use my kitchen scissors. Cutting your stems on an angle rather than straight across (or snapping...eek!) allows for increased water intake. Without adequate water intake, your flowers will start to look droopy faster. No one likes droopy flowers (or droopy anything, really). Just make sure whatever you use to do your cutting is SHARP, otherwise you risk crushing your stems which can impede water intake.

2. Remove Excess Foliage

Any leaves below the water line should be removed to prevent rotting, molding and discoloration of the water. I take this one step further and remove any excess foliage that isn't visible so that my stems are clean and clear from any slime that can accumulate.

3. Fresh & Re-Fresh Water

It's important to remember to use fresh WARM water and to refresh this water every 2-3 days if you're serious about prolonging your fresh flowers look. This also gives you the opportunity to re-trim those stems (on an angle), allowing them to maximize that water intake! Trim about 1/2-1 inch off the tips or any amount that has started to discolor. Hint: if your water is cloudy, it's time to change it as this is bacteria collecting! Why warm water? This allows the stems to "harden".

4. Flower Food

Flowers need food too! Often times your store bought blooms will come with a small packet of flower food to be added to the water when placing them in your vase. But if you're doing your due diligence to keep them alive longer, then you will want to refresh their food as often as you refresh their water. If you no longer have any of those flower food packets, not to worry. You can make your own with the following formula: 1 quart water + 2 tablespoons lemon juice + 1 tablespoon sugar + 1/2 teaspoon bleach. Why bleach?! Because bleach helps slow down the production of bacteria.

5. Keep 'em Cool

Ever notice when you go to a flower shop it's FREEZING in there! This is to slow down water loss and development. If you want to get a long life from your flowers, keep them away from heaters, direct sunlight or drafts.

...and there you have it! I hope your beautiful blooms bring you weeks of happiness rather than just days. Good Luck! If you have any more tips, don't forget to tell us and share our tips with your friends!


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