Sentimental Christmas Gifts

I can't believe it's already Christmas time! This year is going to be so exciting for us as we try to establish new traditions to start with our little family. In my search for unique "shop-small" items to give (and get) this year for Christmas, I've come across some things that I think are really special and wanted to share with all of you.

Baby Blue Print

This one is so special because you can gift this in a really exciting way. I purchased this as art for our home after my son was born but I love the idea of surprising your family members with a framed print of your sonogram for Christmas to share your exciting news with family (I can hear your parents scream crying already). Seriously, imagine the look on their faces when they open up this unique custom print of your ultrasound! There are many different color options to choose from as well as the option to make your 2D or 3D ultrasound into a stunning art print. To learn more about these prints, head to their site and place your order!



I love this necklace because I am someone who doesn't wear a lot of jewelry so when I do, it needs to be classic, dainty and of the "every day" style. This necklace hit all those requirements, for me. You can chose from a variety of options from color, length, and font etc. I asked for this necklace for my birthday and I've been obsessed with it ever since I opened it. What got me equally as excited as the necklace was the beautiful packaging it came in! It is truly the perfect gift.


Slow Season by Kayla Gale

Let me start by saying I am really picky when it comes to art, which is probably why I don't have enough of it on my walls and what I do, I end up regretting and replacing, so when I started following this artist's work on Instagram, I knew I really loved her work. I love the simplicity of her figure line paintings/drawings and her motherhood collection felt really special to me as I felt like I could really place myself and my son into the art. She offers larger oil paintings as well as smaller letterpress prints which I think are really reasonably priced, making it the perfect gift. I ordered the "Always Mine" letterpress print and can't wait to hang it on my wall!


Le Papier Studio

Ok so for someone who said they don't wear jewelry, I've just realized this is my second jewelry share but seriously, look at it! How could I help myself? It doesn't get more personal and precious than a custom silhouette of your baby (or babies- plural!) I already went ahead and did my husband a favor and ordered my sons silhouette as a loose charm for Christmas (from him). I chose the loose charm so that I could add it to my initial necklace I mentioned above. I did contemplate getting this charm on its own chain and layering my necklaces but remember when I said I don't wear much jewelry, too risky for me. They have so many different options from metal color, size, engraving, different types of jewelry, ornaments, art and more. Another thing that I think is a really exciting point to mention about this idea is that you can have your silhouette made as early as a clear sonogram! Also, I think these can be a really special piece to have if you've experienced loss, as they're a unique way to carry them with you always.


The Night Sky

Ok I've got a pattern here (jewelry, art, jewelry, art). I swear it's not on purpose and I apologize for the lack of variety in my recommendations but I love each item equally so it's worth the repetition. So the really great thing about this print is that it can be a great gift for Dads too! I actually purchased this for my husband as a Father's Day gift after my son was born. What is it? The Night Sky is a customized print of the night sky based on your specific details (date, time, location). It can be for any event, not just a baby's birthday but an anniversary, first date, or any date that's important to you. You can chose different color variations and messaging which makes it the ideal gift!


Handmade Christmas Co. Sacks

Talk about Christmas traditions! What a cute thing to pull out from the stored decor every holiday season! With tons of different designs to choose from, these make such a cute and charming gift to customize with your family's names to use year after year! They're a great way to separate the kiddo's or family's gifts, transport them to a grandparent's house or use in place of stockings if you're missing a mantel. I have yet to order mine...but it's in my cart! Be sure you have it in time to use BEFORE Christmas. Did I mention you can also get one for your dog...I mean how can you not?!


Burts Bees Famjams

Ok so this one isn't sentimental in the conventional sense, but family Christmas jammies is one of our favorite Christmas traditions and one we plan to carry on throughout the coming years. I love that Burt's Bees Babt has such a wide variety to choose from both in pattern and style making it easy to find something the whole family will love. Did I mention they also have matching dog bandanas...yep.

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I hope you love some of my favorite sentimental gifting ideas for this Christmas. Let me know if you decide to gift (or get) any! Don't forget to order with plenty of time, as custom ordered items like these tend to take a little longer. Happy gifting!

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