My Top 5 2019 New Year Resolutions

It's that time again when we take a few minutes to access where we are in life and reflect on the past year with posts of our top memories using hashtags like #solong2018 in preparation for #newyearnewme. We all hold ourselves accountable to different goals each year, some we stick to but let's be honest, most we don't. This year I'm setting myself what I think are attainable goals that will add value to my life in 2019.

(Fun fact: in 2015 one of my resolutions was to "spend more time on my hair"...THAT will not add value to my life and incase you were wondering, I did NOT spend more time on my hair)


Ok so listen, I'm not saying I'm never using another plastic straw again or you won't catch me consuming a single use piece of plastic here and there. Saying "create less waste" is simply my strive to minimize where I can with relative ease. That means maybe I no longer use zip-lock bags and instead I look for better ways to store my left-overs or snacks, like with old jam jars or glass containers. Maybe I get back into the habit of bringing my SWELL bottle out with me rather than purchasing a bottle of water (save money and plastic, win win). But I don't just mean "trash" waste. Raise your hand if you bought that bag of lettuce (in plastic...guh) and said to yourself "I'm definitely making salads this week" and then 4 days later you stare at said bag of lettuce in your refrigerator with self loathe because you in fact did NOT make yourself salads this week and now all your ingredients are going straight into the trash. WASTE. I do this too often, not just with salads but with various foods I *think* I will eat and don't get around to actually consuming before the expiry date. So I'm telling myself, be smarter with what you buy and create less waste! (PS this is really hard with a baby, they create SO much waste!)


This one is kind of a mash-up of one main idea. The idea is that I'll reduce the amount of clothing and accessories I've been hoarding for the past few years (this means clothes, shoes, jewelry, make-up etc). By taking a good look at what I actually NEED, what fits (and I feel good in), and what I gravitate to versus what I don't, which will help guide me to reduce and therefore...declutter. The next step in this mash-up, "contain". I've seen this floating around and has become the "trendy" way to say "keep your shit together" but basically you allow yourself to keep only the things that can be contained within physical boundaries. For example, "all of my pajamas must fit in this one drawer for all seasons". So any new jammies you got for Christmas, if that means it's not all fitting in the drawer anymore, something has to go. Basically one in, one out.

Currently, my shoes and handbags look like a game of operation after the timer went off *BOOM* belts are strangling boots, pumps puncturing purses. I shut the door to my closet with speed in hopes something won't fly out ready to attack me. OK so it's not THAT bad, but it IS a mess. And honestly, I can't remember the last time I wore most of it (well I can, it's when I was working in NYC and wearing cute clothes was my biggest priority but since that's not my life anymore, it's time for a change). It's time to get honest with myself when it comes to that dangerous little phrase you whisper to yourself "well, I MIGHT wear day". Girl, you ain't wearing it. Let it go!

But wait, this isn't just about my clothes/shoes/purses. There is a closet in my house FILLED with little plastic tubs containing alllllll the tiny make-up /hair/ perfume minis etc. I've received over what is probably the past decade. Some of it's not even samples, it's full sized stuff that I keep saying "I'll use that!" and then guess goes back into the containers, back inside the closet and out-of-sight-out-of-mind, none of it get's used. Why am I still holding onto this stuff?! It's gotta go!


While somewhat cliche, it's still making my list. I got really into reading when I was living in NYC. I had so much time commuting to and from work and time to myself in the evenings that I was reading about a book a month. I would place my recently read books on the shelf with such pride and then dive into the next one. But this past year's not allowed for much reading (ya know, baby and stuff...down-time is spent eating, taking a shower or sleeping) but now that we're reaching the nearly one-year mark (wah!), I'm starting to see the light and can decide where I can carve out 20-30 minutes a day for silence and reading (which plays into my next resolution).


If you have an iPhone, then surely you've gotten the weekly usage notifications. It's HORRIFYING. I mean annoyingly that percentage calculation includes listening to music, taking photos, or for me, having our baby monitor app up (which I have active on my screen most of the night) so it's calculations aren't necessarily 100% accurate for what I would consider ACTUAL screen time, but I'm also not in denial that the frequency in which my index finger slides up and down Instagram is more than I'd like to admit. I am certainly not gaining much in these "in-between" moments where I choose to turn to my phone for entertainment and would likely benefit more from 5 minutes of stretching, closing my eyes or reading. It's all too easy to get sucked into the social vortex and I'm hoping to pull myself out, at least a little. (this does NOT mean I won't still be oversharing my son on instastories LOL).


I mean you knew it was going to be on the list. It would be hard to find a person on December 31st that didn't at least like the idea of maybe spending more time on their own health, whether it be fitness or food related. For me, I have never been this size in my life...because I had never before had a baby in my life. Since that statement is no longer true, there are some things about my daily lifestyle that need reining in if I intend to get to my "pre-baby body" back in some shape or form and start feeling better in my clothes again. I'd like to get back to a place physically where I know what I am capable of and where my personal boundaries lie, but since having a c-section, I don't know where my body is capable of and it's about rebuilding that muscle and confidence...and hopefully shedding a few pounds along the way.

What are your plans for 2019? Do any of my resolutions make your list too? I'd love to hear ways that you make any of the above work (ways you reduce waste, declutter, what books you're reading and any fitness tips you may have for a recovering mama!)

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