5 Apps for Bloggers

I am going to start by mentioning (incase you didn't notice already) that I am not a blogging guru, so I have never and likely will never claim to know all the ins-and-outs that I'm sure so many of the successful bloggers know. Now that I've put out that disclaimer, I'd like to share with you a few apps that I've stumbled upon along the way that have helped me do things like plan my Instagram grid, track my blog traffic, great short links to latest posts, track new and lost followers, and "design" my Instagram stories. OK, so which apps are they? Here ya go! (Bonus: they're all FREE)

Google analytics

If you're going to get serious about your blog or website, google analytics is crucial. I won't even go into all of the features because it offers so SO much data, but for a quick glance, you can monitor how many people are on your site in real time, their location, gender, how long they spent on your site, etc. Now all of that sounds a little evasive but just know that you don't have the ability to track any one person or find out any of their personal details like name. Google analytics will also provide a log so that you can look back over the week, month and year to see how your sites traffic is trending. A much needed tool for growing your site!


Bit.ly is an app that allows you to shorten you long URLs and customize them. So rather that having http://www.hellovanflutes.com/lifestyle/5appsforbloggers...you can shorten that to bit.ly/5appsforbloggers which is ideal for sharing on social media and also allows you to track how many people have clicked your bit.ly link.


Plann is a great app if you want to get serious about the aesthetic of your Instagram grid, as it allows you to layout your potential upcoming posts to see how they look next to each other and with your existing grid. There are upgrades available to allow you to schedule when to post but for now, I've just stuck with the free version.


This is a sneaky one. This allows you to see followers that you have gained...and lost. That's right... it actually shows you who has unfollowed you...OUCH. But don't worry, most likely people who have recently unfollowed you are fellow IG's looking to grow their following by adding you, in hopes that you'll return the favor, and then turning around and unfollowing you. RUDE. I actually hate that and have no time for it. Never the less, it's nice to be able to see your growth vs your loss and can perhaps help you change your tactics.


This is a beautiful app and one that you can download for free but also has in-app upgrades to which I admit, I have splurged on the $1.99. This app allows you to "design" your Instagram stories in such a way that they are aesthetically pleasing and can really help you capture your audience with a true "story" by mixing video with still images all in one frame.

Comment below with any other favorite apps you're using that could be helpful to bloggers or site owners looking to up their game and don't forget to share!

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