Where the Wild Things Are First Birthday Party

Where the Wild Things Are seems to be an extremely popular choice as the theme for a boys first birthday. Maybe because the tag line "Wild One" lends itself so well or maybe because all 1-year-old boys are actually wild. Either way, it's great because there is tons of inspiration for this theme, making it easy for you to DIY most and find anything else you're looking for on places like etsy! If you're here because you are looking to plan a Wild Things party, you're in luck. I'm going to share my mood board, props, decor and links to where you can get things that I used (or made).

The Theme

There really is so much available in this theme but I think you can easily get carried away. I like things to remain simple but elegant, knowing full well this is probably the one and only birthday that will allow me so much control. After this I'm stuck with Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig, I'm sure. I decided to create a mood board while looking at all the different things I liked and wanted to do. This helped me keep things simple, eliminate anything I didn't need or wouldn't have the time to do, and really get an over all feel for what I wanted the party to look like.

DIY what you can

Moss 'wild thing' signage See those amazing hanging letters reading "wild thing" covered in moss? You can TOTALLY do that! I went to a whole sale store near me that sells every fake flower you can think of, moss, craft supplies and many other things. I got my items at such a great price because of the nature of the shop but you may not have one accessible to you. In this case, you can find all of your supplies at your local craft store or amazon but maybe shop around for the best price. I know that Michael's and Joann's always have coupons and you can use them at their competitors locations! What you'll need: Letters. I used paper mache because they were cheapest but there are also wood and MDF options. If you really want to try and save some money, you could always try cutting your own from a sturdy box!

Moss. I bought a large bag of moss for about $10 and it was more than enough for the whole project. You will have to see what kind of options are available to you in your local stores and decide from there how many bags you'll need. I've also seen people buy moss on rolls and it may be easier cutting out the letters that way and gluing them on.

Hot Glue Gun + Glue. If you don't already own one you can get them at a craft store, walmart, amazon. They're easy to come by and usually pretty cheap!


I'm so happy with the way my DIY version of these cookies came out. I had every intention of replicating them exactly but in the end, I didn't buy/order any edible gold leaf in enough time so I instead opted for a gold spray which turned out great, was super easy and probably cheaper?

I ordered the cookie cutter off amazon, found a recipe for sugar cookies on pinterest, purchased ready to roll fondant at my local craft store (can also be found in cake shops or the grocery store) and away I went. If you're thinking you may not have time to do it all, I suggest making your cookies a few days before and sticking them in the freezer (unfrosted). This will mean day of, all you need to do is roll out your fondant and finish off your cookies.

What you'll need:

Cookie cutter (here) // Ready-to-roll Fondant (here) // Gold spray (here)


Invites or paper goods in general are one of my favorite parts of party planning. Because I'm a designer, I always want to do this part myself so I have total control and I can save myself some money! I had so much fun putting these together and got to be creative with the theme by adding sheets of moss in with the invite to get our guests excited! Since I created a custom design for my son's invites, I will link you to where you can buy them on my etsy and have all of the details customized to your information, ready for you to download and print at home (or the office, we all do it). I also used a handmade paper (because I love the natural look and the rough edges) but if you can't find any or already have some cardstock at home, then use what you like!

What you'll need:

Downloadable invite (coming soon) // A6 paper (here) // Craft Envelopes (here) // Sheet Moss (here) // Printer


There are so many ideal quotes from the book that lend well to signage for your party. You will see a lot of this around pinterest and etsy in your searches. Again, to save money and customize things more, I designed my own and used the same paper as the invites to print them at home. You can purchase my designs on my etsy for an instant download making it easy for you to print them yourself! (use promo code "Blog10" to get 10% off) I used frames from my house as I already have a lot from our wedding. I love the look of the thin brass frames, especially with the handmade paper. I also used a wooden frame that we had.

What you'll need:

Downloadable signage (here) // Frames (here)

Party favors

Party favors is where I kicked it up a notch from your average dollar store goodie bag. Instead of a take home with candy and plastic toys, I decided to gift our friends with a paperback copy of the book since most didn't yet have it. This was probably slightly more expensive than what is usually given (about $5 each) but I figured it was a nice way for the kids to remember my son's birthday and have something that would last longer than 5 seconds. Because we don't have a TON of friends with kids just yet, I was able to do this for about $60? I wrapped each book in brown craft wrapping, tied jute twine around them like a ribbon and hot glued a wooden log slice in the center with their names on it. I was able to use my husbands laser cutter to etch their names but since that's not very accessible, you can just write their names with a sharpie.

In addition to giving all the kiddos a copy of the book, we also had felt crowns for them to wear during the party. They were such a fun way for all the kids to get involved in the theme and something that could be enjoyed for may more days of dress-up at home!

What you'll need:

Paperback Where the Wild Things Are // Brown Craft Wrapping Paper (here) // Jute Twine (here) // Wooden Logs (here) // Hot Glue Gun

Crowns (here)

Photo board

I've seen this done so many different cute and creative ways so I'm sure you can do the same! I started by ordering 12 photos of my son (one per month) from Cheerz (use code JESVAFT for £5 off your first order). Cheerz is an app available in the app store, so easy to use and delivered straight to your door. No more sending photos to walgreens or your local grocery store and then having to go pick them up! I also went with Cheerz because I specifically wanted the square prints with a white border. If you're not picky about the format of your photos then just go with whatever service is easiest for you!

For my board, I just up-cycled an old scrap piece of wood my neighbor was throwing out, painted it with some black leftover paint from my sons room and taped the pictures to the board. You can choose to paint your wording, use stencils or stickers or in my case I made my husband cut them from acrylic and I glued them on. Get creative, I'm sure there's a million ways to make it fit your style! Your guests will love seeing how much your baby has grown and changed over the past 12 months!

Are you planning a wild things themed birthday party or done one in the past? tell me all about it in the comments and pin this post for later!

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