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I'll spare you your sanity by cutting out the dialog about what a weird/crazy/scary time we find ourselves in and just get straight to the point. Whether you're self isolating because you or a family member are showing symptoms, or you're choosing to be globally responsible and practicing social distancing, the fact of the matter is...we're all overwhelmed by the news and need something to do to keep ourselves sane and safe! For that very reason, I've created a fun checklist for you to share on social with your friends. I'll break down some of the ideas further in this post so get comfy on the couch, grab your beverage of choice, and lets get creative!


Read something new: Luckily, I'm insanely stocked up on reading material as I often scour the shelves at my local second-hand shops (which I HIGHLY recommend). If you don't have any books on hand, order one or three on amazon, download an e-book or borrow one from family/friends.

Read something you know nothing about: This one can be so fun/interesting. We all have those topics we know nothing about and would like to know more. I often think it would be nice to let google randomly select a topic for me and read everything I can about it. If you're not up for the idea of it being random, google a topic your interested in and let it lead you down the rabbit hole. Become an expert in the topic!!

Write someone a letter: Pretty self explanatory but what a lovely time to revive a dying art. While we're all practising social distancing, what could be better than a surprise hand-written letter by something we love. Everyone loves fun mail (aka anything other than a bill or the weekly specials). Take the time to reach out to your elderly family members, friends from other states or countries you often don't see or lose contact with. By the way, I literally mean WRITE the a letter....NOT write on their facebook wall.

Write a poem/short story/song: I'm not saying it has to be good. I'm not telling you to share it on your social platforms. I'm permitting you to let go of your fear or embarrassment and write what comes to mind. Have fun. Be creative. Spend some time on it. Write it, re-write it, refine it. You may hate it....or you may love it!


Watch an old movie: You guys, there are SO MANY cult classics I've never seen. Like dirty dancing, pulp fiction, 16 candles and so on. NOW IS YOUR TIME. Binge on the cringe!

Watch a documentary: Find one you're interested in and hit play! Could be about animals, lifestyles, true stories, fitness. There's hundreds to choose from.

Watch a remake: It seems like this could be done with almost any movie or show out there right now and there are hundreds of genres and titles to choose from. Are there any favorites you have? Any you haven't seen?

Watch a classic: Have you ever watched a black and white movie? I haven't. What about something from our parent's generation, ya know...those cowboy heart throbs they love to tell us were the "it" actor of their time.

Watch a tutorial: YouTube ANYTHING. Want to know how to do a smoky eye? Hair-ups? DIY home renovations? How to change your oil? There must be at least a few things in the back of your mind you'd like to see how it's done!


Clean our your fridge: Now is the time to check the date on that light mayo, jar of pickles in the back and address the vegetables growing their own friends in the drawer. We all need to do it. May as well do it now. (PS don't forget to recycle your jars and bottles)

Organize the spices: This is one thing I think we can all do. Pull them all out, wipe out the cabinet/drawer and start replacing them in a way that makes sense to you. By type? How often you use it? Color? You do you.

Cull the Closet: Spring cleaning was just around the corner anyway so take this time to cull the things you don't wear, have stains or holes or no longer fit. Be sure to make piles of what you can donate and what you can recycle. H&M run a "concious" program where you can donate a bag of used textiles (anything from clothes to towels to bedding) and receive a $5 coupon for your next purchase.

Tidy the Drawers: Let me guess, your socks and underwear are waging a war for space? Chances are you have at least ONE drawer in your house that could use sorting. For me, it's the ever evolving "junk drawer" which happens to be my desk drawer, my night stand and MAYBE even a small place in my kitchen....I know I's ridiculous. You'll be amazed at what you find. Some useful, but garbage. Aside from that, I also organized our cutlery drawer with more inserts so that things like peelers and can openers weren't just floating around in piles.

Organize the Laundry Room: I've always got a random pile of lint, used dryer sheets, pocket treasures, and empty laundry cleaners around. Time to tidy it up and wipe it all down. While you're at it. Pull out that detergent drawer (yep, it comes out!) and give it a good clean. You'll be shocked. Don't know how to get it out? YouTube it :) If you want to take this one step further, follow @cleanmama for all kinds of cleaning tips, DIY cleaning solutions and a daily schedule to keep it all manageable!

Get Pictures Printed: This is something I always say I'm going to do and NEVER do! It's so easy these days. You literally download an app, pick which photos to print and away you go. They arrive by mail so no need to go out to local stores to pick up photos. I love the Cheerz app. Use code


20 Minutes of Yoga: You don't have to be a self proclaimed yogi to do this. Just get out a mat or find a carpeted space in your home where you can stretch, practice controlled breathing and reflect inward. Look for yoga videos on youtube or on workout apps.

Do a face or hair mask (or both!): OMG girls, we've been waiting for the excuse to lock ourselves in our bedroom with a brightening, pore cleansing mask for ages! Pop a treatment on your hair while you wait for your face mask to take affect. I love picking these up from drug stores, TJ Maxx or even DIYing them. Make your own little at home spa day!

Light a Candle: Perfect, you've just popped on your mask. Now light a candle or drop a few oils in that diffuser. Smell can help us relax and what better way? Grab the lavender oil if you're looking for some time to unwind.

Take a Bath: No one said you couldn't do all of these things together and honestly this is starting to shape up as the best day ever! Drop some oils in the bath, get some bubbles either in the bath or in your glass and as Elsa says, LET IT GO. If you'e got any soreness, try epsom salt or pink Himalayan salt.

Do a home workout: Since gyms are probably off the table for us at this point, let's look at the silver lining, no pressure, no commute and no fear of being hit on by gym weirdos. Open up your fitness app of choice or pop on a YouTube workout and get into it! Sweating will make you feel so much better! I really enjoy PopSugar workout videoes as they're upbeat, targeted for different areas and you can choose how much time you want to dedicate. Just remember, you don't need gym equipment to sweat and work your body!


Download a language app: This is a great time to either brush up or start from scratch. Chances are there's at least one language you wish you'd learned or took more seriously when it was being taught to you for free! I love the app Duolingo.

Take an online class/course: Groupon is coming in handy for this one! Take a little gander at something you're interested in learning. Most of the time, these are so reasonably priced and can give you the opportunity to learn a new skill or brush up on an existing one.

Practice something you already own: Got a camera for christmas? a sewing machine? maybe a musical instrument? Chances are there's something you already own that could use a good dusting off.


Make something from your favorite cookbook: Part of me says make your favorite dish, the other part of me says make something you've never made before. I'll let you decide. But you have to promise you'll mail me some, whatever it is :)

Sew something simple: You don't need a sewing machine. You can make some amazing things with just a needle and thread. Or maybe instead you'd like to finally repair those favorite skinny jeans, sew the button back on your dress, put the stuffing back in the dog's toy.

Try to make something you want to buy: Is there a picture or a piece of art or furniture you really want from target? Can you try and make it? Give it a go, what's the worst that could happen? You may find a new talent or hobby!

Plant some flowers: We could all use a bit of color right now. Get some fresh air in the garden by tidying up the beds and planting some flowers.

What are you doing to keep yourself sane which practicing social distance? There are a million-and-one ways we can make it through this so share your ideas in the comments and share this checklist on your social!

Stay safe.

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