Easter Basket for a 2-year-old

So this Easter doesn't look like I thought it would. What was meant to be an Easter spent at home with my family in the US, dip dying eggs with my son for the first time, hiding them around the yard and watching him yell "I found it!" with each discovery has turned into something very different. SO many plans but then again, I'm sure you had similar plans too. Luckily, self-isolation doesn't rain on part of that parade, so we will still be doing Easter from the comfort of our own home with a few of the favorite traditions still intact. We can still surprise him with a basket of goodies, decorate, hide and then find eggs. Now let's just cross our fingers for good weather (is that too much to ask?!)

SO, let me share what I'll be packing in a basket on behalf of a bunny this year. All items are in keeping with my son's age and interests so feel free to tweak wherever you like! I like to always throw in a book to any gift I can. I even have started subbing greeting cards for books when it comes to kiddos because the cards go in the trash and the books will last and typically they're around the same price. Write your message inside the front cover instead and it's that much more special! After that, I packed in a couple of practical things like the shoes, shirts and swimwear because I know he'll get use out of them this summer/spring. Then you have the things that are really "for him" like the carrot car (so cute!), road mat and memory game.

You can keep it as simple or as elaborate as you like. Remember to throw in their favorite snack if you don't like the idea of loading them up on chocolate. You can also pad it out with some cheaper items like bubbles, a fun plastic cup and maybe some stickers.

Olli Ella Piki Basket

1. Janod Carrot Car

2. Cotton Cap

3. Soft Bunny Toy

4. This is not my hat book

5. Canvas Shoes

6. New York 1992 T Shirt

7. Retro Swimsuit

8. PicccoliNY I Love NY T-Shirt

9. Sunglasses

10. Petit Collage Memory Game

11. Gathre Road Mat

What items are you packing your basket with this year? Let me know!

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