No-Mess Easter Eggs

Decorating easter eggs it probably my favorite thing about easter, as a kid, an adult and now a mother and I was soooo... looking forward to getting to decorate eggs the old-school way with those little dye tablets and cheap egg holder/dippers at my parents house but since that's not happening (thanks covid) we will be spending this Easter at our home in the UK. Now, this time of year in the US you can't go anywhere without being hit in the face with 3ft easter baskets and kits to decorate your eggs with anything from dye, stickers, glitter, pens...god who knows, it's a crazy, but in the UK...this isn't a thing. I know...wild right? Which means you'll have to come up with your own ways. I mean there's nothing stopping you from putting some food color in some cups or getting your own stickers so it is still possible but just not with as much choice as you'd hope to find.

Another difference from US to UK is that our British eggs are most commonly brown...making the idea of dying them with food color a little challenging. This led me to my idea to simplify. Don't get me wrong, this style was more for me than my son. Mom's can have their own craft time can't they? The best thing is that you literally only need some eggs and a paint pen. Because our eggs are brown, I opted for a white paint pen I already had but if your eggs are white you can have a little more freedom with color. Most importantly, don't complicate it and have fun!

What you'll need:

Eggs (boiled)

Paint Pen(s) colors of your choice

Share your creations on insta and tag me @mrsjvf or tell me how you're decorating your eggs in the comments!

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