My Experience with Cool Sculpting

Let me start by saying, if you're curious about cool sculpting, that's okay. It doesn't mean you're "fat" or "lazy" or any other way you may think or feel about what seems like a shortcut. Personally, I am a healthy BMI. Would I like to lose 10lbs of baby weight I've been harboring for the past 2 years, YES...but even with my extra weight, I'm not overweight so "weight loss" isn't what led me to try cool sculpting. To be very honest, and I think most women can relate, I have and have always had (even pre-baby) a very pesky "pouch" at my lower stomach that just never seems to waiver. This is the wonderfulness of genetics. It just is what it is. Does that mean it's impossible to get rid of with the right balance of diet and exercise? No, but it's definitely going to take more dedication than what I currently have in the tank.

I have never had any cosmetic surgery or enhancements prior to this. Seriously, not even semi-perm lashes. The thought of going under a knife is terrifying to me. I mean, have I toyed with the idea of having my boobs "put back" after having kids, sure. But even then I probably won't go through with it. When the opportunity for a non-surgical enhancement clinic became available at my in-laws salon, I'll admit, I had a look through the brochure. At first, I wasn't really paying attention or considering anything for myself especially because I've never been one to pay these kinds of prices for things (will get back to pricing later). Anyway, some time had passed and the clinic was running a Black Friday special where you could buy one get one free of any treatment they offer. For Lipo Freeze, or Cool Sculpting, it was £150 per area (will get back to areas later) and my mother-in-law said she would "gift" me this for Christmas if it's what I wanted. This was probably the only way I was going to try it so I agreed.

I had my first session in November. It's painless and only takes approx. 30 mins. It can feel a little awkward and uncomfortable at first as the cup is literally sucking your fat up into it. You might be wondering how it works. The way it was explained to me is that it targets the fat that your body doesn't easily get rid of with diet and exercise. Perfect for my pesky pooch! The cup sucks your selected area of fat into it with 2 freezing cold plates either side (yoau have what's kinda like a face mask on your stomach protecting your skin from the freezing cold plates). During this 30 mins, the freezing cold plates are damaging your fat cells which will later be flushed from your system. I want to say they said this would reduce 20% of the fat cells. Which doesn't really sound like a lot or like it would make a big difference. I had googled lots of before and after photos and was expecting to see really great results. Oh, and let me just say, this doesn't provide instant takes about 6 weeks to see the full affect. With that said, I don't feel like I noticed a massive difference and I have a couple theories as to why that may be.

Firstly, like pretty much everything else, I can only assume that one would see better results by coupling this treatment with diet and exercise. I did not do that. Let me be clear, I had my first treatment at the end of November...and you can bet there was no way I was "dieting" over the month of December. My second session was early January, meaning I didn't even get a chance to get back to some sort of healthy lifestyle before my measurements were being taken. All-in-all we measured a 1/2inch decrease in the area which seemed fair considering it was Christmas time.

Secondly, because it takes up to 6 weeks, the process feels SLOW and when you see yourself everyday, it can be hard to notice small subtle differences. I do think that after about 3 weeks I noticed what seemed like my lower stomach was flatter. My jeans seemed to fit a little better in this area.

Overall, do I think it made a massive, noticeable and worth while difference? Sadly, no. Like I said, this may have been dramatically different had I been eating healthier and exercising but to be honest, it also wasn't sold to me like that. If someone had said "you will only see results if you exercise and eat well" I would have at least waited until after the New Year. It was a good lesson in something I already knew, there are not short cuts or quick fixes and if I want a flat tummy, I'm probably going to have to actually put in the work. Please remember, this is my personal experience and clearly it is working for some people so if you're considering, I urge you to do your research and find out how you can get the results your aiming for so you don't end up wasting your money.

OK, circling back to money and areas quickly. One area is what can fit in one "cup", if the cup gets moved, it's another area. I went for my lower stomach as this is where I had the most fat and the area that bothers me the most but you can absolutely get thighs, arms, upper stomach etc. done. I mentioned that it was £150 per area with this particular clinic, I'm sure you can find someone in your area and do some price comparisons but don't forget to look at reviews.

Also, I think its important to mention that this is non-surgical and there is no downtime or pain. You could do this on your lunch break, you could go to the gym immediately after. Nothing about this is going to cause any disruption to your life. The cup will leave a little bit of redness that will go away within 5-10 minutes.


Sorry I don't have any after photos from the second session but honestly I probably didn't take one because I didn't see much if a difference from this point. I'll let you decide what you think about the results!

Let me know if you've tried cool sculpting, lipo freeze or something similar and what you thought!

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