My "Must-Haves" you can buy on Amazon

Guys, it's safe to say I didn't need a quarantine to encourage my Amazon spending habits, but it's certainly heightened them. I also feel a wave of sadness when I don't have a pending package "out for delivery". That's surely a problem we will all have to deal with, but for now let's leave that on the horizon, to be dealt with another day, week, month or year...because 2020 has ruined enough.

I order a lot of things on Amazon impulsively. I mean I'm fairly certain if we all took a survey, there'd be an astonishing amount of us that would admit to this sort of behavior. The down side to this is that there are a lot of things I order that sometimes I don't even use. For example, a mug just didn't really see a chance but in the moment, I needed it and it was going to change my life. I've bought magnets for DIY projects I never saw through, baby proofing for cabinets we never did. Don't worry, this list isn't about THOSE things, this list is about the things I've ordered on Amazon and swear by, use them frequently if not every day, and wouldn't steer you wrong on. I had a long hard think about these items, I placed the mental filter on them by asking myself "do you REALLY use this and swear by it?" so the answer is YES, I DO! If you ask me questions about any of these items, I'm happy to give you a detailed personal review. So, here we are...

Training Potty // Chilly Water Bottle // Reusable Makeup Rounds // Dyson Animal // Blue Light Glasses // Netvue Baby Monitor

Training Potty: The one I've linked is by Skiphop for my US people as the one I have here in the UK wasn't available on US amazon, but they're the same in style and function. I bought this after buying a cheapy training potty that actually made me feel bad for my son because it looked so uncomfortable and difficult to use. I swear by this potty, it is such a game changer, easy to keep clean and makes the potty training process that little bit easier!

Chilly Water Bottle: These are everywhere now, you may even already have the knock-offs but I recommend a name brand one as I've always found they're a little better quality. I feel like we can't have enough of these in my house, they're great for when you go out on a picnic, dog walk, beach or for me, to work. If you didn't know, they will keep things both hot and cold.

Reusable makeup rounds: YOU MUST HAVE THESE. STOP buying the disposable cotton rounds from the store, it's so wasteful. You don't have to be a hippie or a tree hugger to just make minor adjustments that are more responsible. Also, these are just soft and nice.

Dyson Animal: It happened guys, my husband bought me an appliance for Christmas. I didn't ask for it. I didn't even voice it as being something I wanted or wished I had. But here we are, and I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm actually so grateful as it makes that everyday "tidy up" so much easier. Especially if you've got pets or little ones....or both.

Blue Light Glasses: This is a new one for me but as I've gone back to work full-time (no more SAHM) I am looking at my computer a lot more and noticed more headaches which lead me to these. Since buying them I have noticed an immediate drop in my headaches! Should help with sleep as well! Netvue Baby Monitor: I can't tell you how many people I've recommended this to and everyone that has listened to me has loved theirs. I started using this when my son was 6 weeks and we put him in his own room. I read horrible reviews about some of the common go-to brands for monitors and was determined to find something better for less money. Low and behold...Netvue!

There you have it, my live by Amazon buys. Let me know what you swear by from Amazon so I can give it a try!

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